Performance Solutions

At Kawneer, we can adapt high performing aluminum systems to fulfill exact specifications and meet engineering and technical requirements. From curtain walls to windows and doors to framing systems, our products, combined with next-generation technologies, enable architects, contractors and glaziers to deliver performance capabilities that extend beyond the design and construction process.

Ensuring Structural Integrity

Our performance solutions are purposely designed to improve longevity, productivity and protection, ensuring a building’s structural integrity and defending the comfort and well-being of occupants. Our innovative technologies maintain the highest level of performance, even under extreme conditions such as thermal temperatures, hurricanes and storms and high impact blasts.

Occupant Comfort

High thermal performance systems provide optimum thermal efficiencies and promote greater energy conservation. Our Hurricane Resistant products minimize vulnerability to penetration by wind-borne debris during violent storm conditions, while Blast Mitigation products protect building occupants from the effects of bomb blasts.