Building Healthier Office Environments

Visually impressive open spaces improve the concentration, performance and well-being of employees. Enhancing productivity and morale with natural light and panoramic views, our ventilated windows, terrace doors and balcony doors also bring the outside in.

Ultra-thermal products help maintain an ideal indoor temperature and reduce unwanted background noise from traffic on the street or nearby internal meetings.

By ensuring that employee well-being is center stage, we deliver resilient design and functionality to successfully meet the requirements of office environments.

Watch our video and read our case studies to find out more.

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Featured Projects, Office

Freeport, Maine, USA

Featured Projects, LEED®, Office

Charlottesville, Virginia, USA

Featured Projects, Office, Remodel/Retrofit

Freeport, Maine, USA

Featured Projects, Government/Public/Civic, Office

Olympia, Washington, USA

Arts & Leisure, Multifamily, Office

Greenville, South Carolina, USA

Featured Projects, Kawneer Collaborative, Office

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Office, Retail/National Accounts

Portland, Oregon, USA

LEED®, Office

Spring, Texas, USA


Jenkins Township, Pennsylvania, USA

Featured Projects, LEED®, Office

Spring, Texas


Calgary, Alberta, Canada

LEED®, Office

Rogers, Arkansas, USA

Arts & Leisure, Featured Projects, LEED®, Office, Retail/National Accounts

Atlanta, Georgia, USA

Government/Public/Civic, Office

Fort Myers, Florida, USA

LEED®, Office

Provo, Utah, USA