Product Selection & Documentation

As a leader in sustainability, we have a wide range of documentation with useful tools and resources to keep you better informed, both in terms of product design and how selecting the right products can add environmental value to your project.


ecoScorecard provides the ability to search and evaluate Kawneer products based on environmental characteristics and quickly evaluate and gauge the environmental performance saving time and money. The free online system automatically updates as rating systems change and offers easy access to the documentation required for project submittals. Environmental evaluation of Kawneer products can be done at any stage of the project’s design and development and provides product information in the format that is needed for documentation submittal.

Sustainable Minds® Transparency Catalog™

SM Transparency Catalog™ is a free, cloud-based educational marketing platform for finding products with transparency disclosures – BOTH environmental and material health – from all manufacturers, all program operators and all material disclosure rating systems that qualify for LEED v4, Green Globes, the Well Building Standard, the Living Building Challenge and the Collaborative for High Performance Schools. Organized by CSI category + manufacturer’s brand name, the at-a-glance interface provides links to all products and links to associated disclosures with the key report attributes displayed in a single page. To easily find all Kawneer products visit our listing in the SM Transparency Catalog™.

If you are already familiar with our products and simply need the transparency documents, please visit our Product Transparency page.

Designer Pages

Designer Pages is a product management platform for architects to search for building products through a health focused lens. It can integrate product information directly into a project for evaluation and specification. Designer Pages allows architects to filter by different health focused transparency certifications including Living Building Challenge DECLARE, Cradle to Cradle, BIFMA, Health Product Declarations and BuildingGreen approved. Using Designer Pages, product information can be easily searched and filtered to learn more about the product, its transparency documentation and include it in your next project. If you are already using Kawneer products and just need transparency information, please visit our Product Transparency page.

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Launched in the summer of 2016, mindful MATERIALS (mM) is an industry-wide initiative developed for manufacturers to clearly communicate the transparency and optimization of their building products. The cloud-based mM Library provides designers a way to filter and search for products by CSI division and transparency information. Mindful MATERIALS tracks Cradle to Cradle Product certifications, Living Building Challenge DECLARE products, Health Product Declarations, Environmental Product Declarations and more. The mM initiative also provides a transparency label that effectively and efficiently conveys transparency information. Manufacturers fill out and place a transparency label on binders of mM qualified products in architecture firm resource libraries. Search the cloud-based mM Library for Kawneer products, or find transparency documentation for Kawneer products on our Product Transparency page.