Kawneer’s industry-leading portfolio of windows, entrances, curtain wall, window wall and storefront systems deliver outstanding performance and beautiful design aesthetics to help meet the ever-changing demands of multifamily design.

Our sustainable, high-performing products offer design flexibility for architects to create distinctive spaces with attractive, open views on every level. Our wide range of thermal solutions help control operating costs, conserve energy and enhance occupant comfort year-round.

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Learn how our architectural aluminum systems perform within a variety of applications and climates to transform multifamily environments.

1600UT System™1 Curtain Wall

Delivers ultra-thermal performance, versatility and reliability and utilizes thermal barrier technology to address extreme climactic conditions.

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2000T Terrace Doors

Designed for balcony door applications up to 10′ tall, 2000T Terrace Doors are engineered for durability and quality. They have high-performance components, are available in various impact-resistant options and have a wide range of hardware choices and finishes.

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250T/350T/500T Insulpour® Thermal Entrances

Features innovative IsoPour™ technology and provides superior thermal performance for a range of commercial and multifamily applications. Entrances are available in narrow, medium and wide stiles, and accommodate high traffic.

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Trifab VersaGlaze® 601T/601UT Framing System

Designed to add increased thermal performance and value, the 6″ depth system accommodates higher spans and allows for front plane, center plane and structural silicone glazing (SSG) options.

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190/350/500 Standard Entrances

Engineered, constructed and tested to make good first impressions while withstanding the rigors of constant use by occupants and visitors.

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1600UT System™1 Curtain Wall

Delivers ultra-thermal performance, versatility and reliability and utilizes thermal barrier technology to address extreme climactic conditions.

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GLASSvent® UT (Ultra Thermal) Windows

Visually frameless concealed vents designed to provide a ventilation option for curtain wall with high thermal performance.

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Versoleil® SunShade Outrigger System for Curtain Wall

Combines aesthetics, performance and efficiency and provides superior shading capabilities that reduce solar heat gain to help maximize energy savings and reduce glare.

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MetroView® FG 601T PG Window Wall

Delivers the look of a true curtain wall without compromising performance. Ideal for mixed-use buildings and mid- to high-rise projects, it offers versatility in design and installation.

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Natural light is often desired in multifamily buildings as residents prefer bright, airy spaces with attractive, open views. Sliding balcony doors and operable windows improve airflow and ventilation, with interlayered glass embedded into facades to enhance acoustic performance.


Our thermal barriers and products can withstand climate extremes and optimize thermal performance. These include window wall and curtain wall systems, entrances and high-performing aluminum windows, creating multifamily buildings that offer occupants better performance, protection, comfort and energy savings year-round.


As an infinitely recyclable material, aluminum promotes the circular economy and reduces waste. Kawneer uses recycled aluminum content in the production of our products, and our production waste is recycled to be reused. This is a huge advantage when evaluating and selecting building materials for sustainable multifamily design.


Architects, designers and building owners select aluminum as the material of choice for its durability. It stands up to a variety of weather conditions, allowing it to be used in a range of climates. The strength-to-weight ratio of aluminum far exceeds that of alternative materials, allowing architects to create attractive, large-scale designs that provide enhanced natural light, which is beneficial for building occupants’ health and productivity.


Whether it’s a high-rise apartment building or condominium, noise levels can be a concern as residents want to minimize external sounds from entering living spaces. Acoustic performance is a necessity that affects the living quality of residents in multifamily buildings, as improved sound quality positively impacts productivity and well-being.


Architectural aluminum systems can support large size glass fenestration solutions to offer panoramic views and create sleek, durable and energy-efficient structures that withstand the test of time. Many of Kawneer’s systems can be prefabricated off-site to increase ease of installation. The design flexibility of our products allows for a range of design possibilities, allowing architects and designers to create unique and distinctive multifamily projects.



Kawneer is dedicated to sustainable design and innovation. Using advanced technology and highly recycled aluminum content, we provide transparency, not just what goes into our products, but how they are manufactured.

We believe in balancing out the environmental impact of our products and operations with a commitment to sustainability through three pillars:

Strengthening our responsible and ethical business strategy to positively impact our world

As buildings are currently responsible for approximately 39% of global greenhouse gas emissions, we are committed to using recycled aluminum to minimize the environmental impact of our products. We work to reduce the impact of our products and operations on the planet by taking accountability, lowering our products’ embodied carbon through recycled billet and lowering operational carbon through our thermal and ultra-thermal product options.

Balancing responsible business cultures, environments and communities

At Kawneer, we believe that taking care of people is a fundamental pillar of our commitment to creating better relationships, partnerships, environments and a better world. We maintain a strong focus on integrity, accountability, safety and respect in all our interactions with employees, customers, suppliers and local communities.

Balancing responsible design, engineering and manufacturing

At Kawneer, we take great pride in creating industry-leading facade products that champion sustainable facade design and innovation.  We offer total product ingredient transparency, from aluminum billet to building facade, providing key information on our products and how they are manufactured.

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