Intercity Transit Pattison Bus Operations & Maintenance Facility

Olympia, Washington, USA

Constructed with the goal to better accommodate the city of Olympia’s Intercity Transit vehicle fleet and future growth, the Intercity Transit Pattison Bus Operations & Maintenance Facility serves the city’s public transportation ridership by supporting the community’s growing transit needs in a safe, sustainable way.  

The Intercity Transit Pattison Bus Operations & Maintenance Facility features Kawneer’s 1600 Wall System®1 Curtain Wall, 1600UT System™2 Curtain Wall, Trifab® VersaGlaze® 450 Framing System with 1-3/4″ sightline, Trifab® 451UT Framing System, Trifab® VersaGlaze® 601UT Framing System, 500 Standard Entrances and 500T Insulpour® Thermal Entrances. 

The project features a three-story administration and operations building, a fuel, wash and facilities building and a remodel of the existing maintenance building. The facility also includes areas allocated for future electrical charging and hydrogen fueling, allowing space for new technologies that will decrease Intercity Transit’s environmental impact. The building’s exterior design and surrounding landscape are intended to create a welcoming space for neighbors, passengers, employees and the community. 

ARCHITECTS: Stantec, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada 
GENERAL CONTRACTOR: Stantec, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada 
GLAZING CONTRACTOR: Kell-Chuck Glass, Olympia, WA 

Photography: © Chang Kim Photography